Shorkies as Therapy Dogs



Shorkies make excellent Therapy Dogs. The Shih Tzu was bred exclusively as a lap dog. They love attention, are non-shed, not yappy and have an excellent temperament. They also have trouble breathing because of brachycephalic noses (smooshed face), very heat intolerant, bugged eyes and a very crowded mouth. The Yorkie was bred to be a "ratter", hunting vermen and the like. Some can be very hyper and prone to problems such as liver shunts, heart murmurs, skin allergies and hypoglycemia. Merging the two breeds has shown me personally, what a wonderful combination the two are. Sweet, playful, loyal, attention seeking little clowns. You can not look at a Shorkie without smiling. I'm not saying that its not possible for some of those traits to show up in a Shorkie. but I have seen very few and I have been raising Shorkies for close to 17 years now. That's why I am confident about providing a 5 YEAR WRITTEN HEALTH GUARANTEE with my babies.

Shorkies as Therapy Dogs are wonderful. Small, compact, lap dogs are always welcome in nursing homes, childrens hospitals, schools and special needs facilities.