Before purchasing a puppy as a "gift" remember; a puppy is NOT a toy. All family members MUST want the puppy. They require constant care, regular check-ups, quality food, a safe environment and lots of love. They are not disposable.

When purchasing a puppy please do so responsibly. NEVER bring a puppy home only to have a house full of family & friends to tend to. The puppy is a baby. It has not established who to go to for safety. You and your family are now it's "pack". If it gets scared or cold it has no idea who will comfort and protect it. It hasn't established where to potty, where to get food & water nor does it know what it's boundaries are. Shorkie puppies are tiny. They are easily stepped on and or mishandled and a distracted owner would have no idea. They must be fed & watered regularly..they CANNOT skip meals or water. I also recommend getting a puppy on the weekend if you work. You will be home with the pup and can stay aware of any upsets it may have. Also, all vet appointments should be scheduled in the mornings and no later than a Thursday. If a puppy should have a reaction to shots or worming you can get right back in to see the vet and not have a weekend or middle of the night expensive vet bill. Remember, at 12 weeks old a puppy is ONLY 84 DAYS OLD and needs to build immunities in new surroundings.

All puppies are now kept until 12 weeks of age. They receive 3 sets of core vaccines before leaving. Please note: Tiny puppies may be kept longer. I like for them to be at least 2 1/2 pounds before leaving.


NEVER, EVER think that a child is going to be responsible for the care of a puppy. You, the parent, will be the one REALLY caring for it. You will be the one to be sure it has proper nutrition, proper housing, toileting, vet expenses, grooming and training. The puppy HAS TO BE ABLE TO RELY ON YOU..not a child.

A puppy purchase is a 12 to 15 year commitment. Are you and your family ready for that??

So remember. THINK before you get that cute little puppy. KNOW that with it comes many years of commitment and time. Use common sense. I COUNT ON YOU to continue providing it a loving, caring, forever home. I only want the very best for my babies.