Fees and Process

Fees for puppies are $1950 and up depending on gender, color, generation, size and rarity.

Delivery is based on mileage, tolls and lodging (if necessary) when driving. All puppies are hand delivered. Never shipped alone or in cargo.

Flight depends on cost of airfare, lodging and any addional expenses such as parking etc. East coast hand delivery is usually around the same cost as shipping a puppy alone or in cargo!

Puppy fees are due at the time of pick-up or deliver. Travel expenses are to be paid up-front.


***Deposits to HOLD puppies are non-refundable and are for appointment slot. If, at the time you pick-up your puppy you are not completely satisfied THEN your deposit will be refunded. If you do not show or reschedule, you deposit will not be refunded. If you reschedule, your place on the list will go to last. I can not hold up others from getting their puppy. It is not fair to them 

**I reserve the right to refuse the sale of one of my babies to anyone for any reason.**