Potty Training



     Your puppy has been trained to potty on newspapers since birth. It will come natural to them to "Potty on the paper!"

     I DO NOT recommend the store bought training pads. Those are made from the same materials our carpets and rugs are made; cotton & plastic. Use common newspaper. It is free, environmentally friendly, naturally germ free and easily accessable. Place potty station in a place easy for puppy to find. If your puppy cannot find the paper, it does no good. Do not move paper around. Determine where you want it and leave it there so puppy does not get confused. You will need a "potty station" for every room your puppy is allowed to roam.  Gate and confine puppy to one area of the home until they're old enough to "hold it", usually by 12 to 16 weeks, depending on size. The smaller the dog, the older it will need to be. If puppy does have an accident, clean the area with a disinfectant such as Pine-Sol or OdoBan so he/she does not return to the same spot. Do not scold or spank puppy for accidents, that will only teach them to hide to do their business.

     Once puppy is old enough to hold toileting all night then you can begin outdoor training. Simply put paper by the door you want him/her to use and when you see them heading for the paper. take outside to a designated area and say "potty, potty!" Once it does, PRAISE and have a mini victory party. (Do be careful of prey birds and other large animals, Shorkie puppies are small and activate the prey drive in birds and some large breed dogs). Placing newspaper outside will also encourage potty outside, and many prefer this method as it makes for easy clean up. Toileting on newspapers. rather than grass, will also make your neighbors happy.

     Shorkies will retain the paper training throughout their lives making travel easier. Nothing like being on the 8th floor of a hotel and having to "take the dog out". You can just place a potty station in the bathroom of the hotel/airport/rest area, allow them to do their business, wrap it up, wash your hands and be on your way. Easy pee-sy!