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**The tell of the Shorkie is the tail !**

Thanks for visiting my web page. Come on in, have a look around, and if you have any questions, please, feel free to call or write. 

All puppies are current on shots, worming, flea deterrent, heartworm prevention, and started on potty and crate training. Most are fully paper trained at the time they go to their new homes.
I also provlde a
against any life-threatening genetic defects.
***Please note: Traits are different than defects.***
ALL puppies are raised IN MY HOME and have the manners and confidence to show for it.
I have been breeding Shorkies since 1999. I LOVE everything about the Shorkie. They are easy going, easy care, hybrid hardy, smart and just a joy to be around.
Shorkies maintain a puppy-like personality throughout their lives and enjoy being with people. Most are compact (8 to 12 pounds) enough to fly with you on an airplane.
The Shorkie is not yappy, making them perfect for apartment/condo living.
Shorkies require grooming and are heat intolerent. If it's warm for you, it's warm for them. Groom accordingly. Most favor the "Puppy Cut" and keep them in a climate controlled home..NEVER, EVER leave them outside for long periods alone .
The average home temperature is perfect for them.
Also be aware that birds of prey can easily lift a puppy and carry it off.
Keep on a leash or have a covered outdoor area for them.
They do like their toys...anything they can carry around qualifies as their toy... they "own" their toys :) and will walk into a room, pick one up and prance around with it until something else catches their attention. They really know how to make an entrance, ALL of my Shorkies do this.
"Return to the Nest" Promise, meaning ~ if you are EVER unable to keep one of my babies, FOR ANY REASON, it is ALWAYS! welcome to come back home.
This is NOT a request, this is a REQUIREMENT.
NONE of my babies should ever wind up in a shelter unwanted and unloved.
I only want the very best for these precious little ones.



(Snow bird)
Please texting.
Please note: I do not ship my babies.
I will hand deliver or meet for additional fees, but I must meet you personally. 
Just as you have the right not to accept one of my puppies if you choose not to, I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of my puppies for any reason.
Chatting on the internet, phoning, texting and e-mailing are only a form of communication. If I am uncomfortable with you for ANY reason upon meeting you, I will not place a puppy with you. I want to stay conected with my babies for LIFE, not just during the transaction. I am their WHOLE WORLD and when you adopt, you then become their WHOLE WORLD. I want to make sure people understand this.


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